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So Windswept Kites is now the distributor of kites made by Karl Longbottom of the UK!
You might have seen a picture of a pair of Y-Fronts (whitey-tighties to us Yankees)
flying up in the air. Well those were Karl's-well hopefully not the ones that he had just been wearing? I guess the fact that he also has flying womens Panties does nto help that question. Well, none-the-less he does have lots of flying underwear/undergarments/skivvies what ever name you call the most personal of clothing. So, bring back the days of your teens (or jump into them if you are younger) and toss your under wear up into the air and watch em fly!

Karl and Sara modeling

Now, Karl does not JUST make underwear kites. We are also getting a few of his new Angel Kites. Keep checking in for a sneak peek of them too!

Check out Longbottom Kites for more of his offerings as well-anything that you ask for we can get!


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